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Item Description Price Approximate Weight – Pounds Size Format Source Quantity Discount
Hay Bluegrass Hay Palmer $20.00 50-70 Small Square Country Garden Farms Yes
Hay  Brome Hay Palmer $175 800 Big  Square Country Garden Farms Yes
Straw Certified Noxious Weed Free Delta
Straw Bale Gardening?
$15 35 Small Square Schultz Farm Yes
Straw Certified Noxious Weed Free Palmer
Straw Bale Gardening?
$130 560 Big Square Yes


All sizes and weights are approximate and subject to your approval.



2324 Glenn Hwy in Palmer (Glenn Hwy & Outer Springer Loop) – 907-745-0800

Open: By appointment, please call.

Directions: Our hay barn is located on the west side of the Glenn Highway, across from Mat Valley Milling in Palmer. Please call for an appointment.


Raspberry & Minnesota – 907-344-2088

Open: By appointment, please call.

Directions: From Raspberry Road turn North on Alaska’s Best Street.  This is a newly constructed street and may not be on all map programs.  Our office is right on the corner: use coordinates 61°09’33.9″N 149°54’34.3″W     Please be cautious when looking up our location online as not all websites have our updated information.


All delivery prices are determined by quantity and location: please contact us for a quote.

If you are interested in our manure exchange program, to have hay delivered and have manure picked up from your location, please contact us. Click here to read more about this service.




What kind of hay do you sell?

We harvest brome hay from our fields. This hay usually contains a small amount of other native grasses and minimum weeds.  We also let other farms bring their hay to our Hay Barn Location.  This includes Round Bales, Compressed Bales, Big Square Bales, Small Square Bales, and at times loose Hay and Straw.  At this time all hay is BROME, no Timothy available.

My friend/neighbor/trainer recommended a low sugar diet for my animal who is laminitis-prone/overweight/has metabolic syndrome. Do you have low sugar feed?

A detailed nutritional analysis is available for our horse-quality feed on request. We do have a range of hay that may be suitable for special diets.We recommend a thorough consultation with a veterinarian to ensure that you buy the right kind of feed for your animal. We’ve worked with Sabrieta Holland, DVM, to make sure we give customers the best information: reach her office at (907) 746-1997.  Depending on a number of factors, the hay we harvest contains a certain amount of sugars and complex carbohydrates as well as many other nutrients. In general, “richer” hay from first cuttings contains more readily available simple sugars than later cutting, more “stemmy” hay. Since hay is usually only one part of an animal’s diet, your vet can help you manage a complete diet, not just the hay.  For more information about equine metabolic syndromes, “low sugar” diets, and laminitis, visit Equi-Analytical.


Do you have hay from Outside?

Right now all of our hay comes from the state of Alaska. The hay is from our fields in Palmer or our fellow farmers on Lazy Mountain and Delta Junction, and the straw is from a barley farmer in Delta Junction. We support Alaska Grown farmers and their families and hope you will too!  We have contacts in the lower 48 and Canada if we run out of Alaskan Hay and Straw.