Need a place to store your manure? We now offer a manure exchange service!

A Simple Solution

Looking for a better way to dispose of manure? Need to save space around your stable? Concerned about water quality in your area? Consider Country Garden Farms' unique manure exchange program.

The System

We deliver and set up either a single or double rack made of PVC, wood, or metal that holds 1 cubic yard bags that can be placed in a convenient location near your stalls. Sturdy 36" by 36" by 36" nylon bags are hung from racks and are ready for use. You simply fill the bags will manure and bedding and let us worry about the rest of the mess.

When manure bags are full we'll schedule a pick up date and time. Filled bags are then picked up with our forklift, stacked on the truck, and taken to Palmer to be composted. Hay delivery can easily be arranged simultaneously, making it easy for you to get the quality hay you need and dispose of manure quickly and easily. This service is perfect for small or large stables and allows for easy horse manure removal.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Save

Country Garden Farms' manure exchange saves you time and money by eliminating extra handling and transport costs. Composting your manure on our farm also means that waste stays out of the landfill, valuable compost is made available for local farmers, landscapers, and gardeners, and we reduce the import of outside products and invasive weeds.


For pickup at your location:

  • $55 ea. 1-2 bags
  • $50 ea. 3-6 bags
  • $45 ea. 7+ bags
  • $300 for the initial bag holder setup

Most horses fill one to one and a half bags per month. If you find that a different holder setup works better for you, we'll be happy to pick up bags without the cost of the initial bag holder system.

If you are only interested in dropping off manure at the farm, just give us a call. Rates are:

  • $25 ea. 1-2 bags
  • $23 ea. 3-6 bags
  • $20 ea. 7+ bags

If you are interested in our manure exchange program, to receive hay and have manure picked up from your location, please give us a call at 907-745-0800 to get started today!